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Our Health, Safety and Environment Program is a comprehensive approach to health and safety that involves management and workers. Our goal is to keep our employees, the public and the environment out of harm’s way. Through education, training, awareness, prevention and regulatory compliance, we strive to maintain a high safety standard.  Whether you are an employee, customer, contractor or supplier, the primary goal is to promote a safe and healthy incident/accident free workplace for all to enjoy.

Safety Statistics

Liquids in Motion Ltd.’s safety record validates our leadership and ongoing commitment to health and safety, which is demonstrated through the following:

Leadership in Safety

Competency and consistency in performing critical tasks and open communication are all contributing factors to improve attitudes towards safety among everyone who works for or with Liquids in Motion. In partnership with municipal and provincial regulatory authorities, a detailed Emergency Response Plan is in place to ensure the safety of our employees, contractors and the public. Liquids in Motion believes preparation is key in mitigating any emergency in its operations. With the recent changes in Canadian law with respect to drugs and alcohol, LIM has continued to show leadership in this area by providing a drug and alcohol free workplace.

Liquids in Motion Ltd.’s USA division along with Liquids in Motion USA Inc., utilize an Electronic Log System to increase efficiency and productivity through automated data collection and real-time access to that data. This improved connection between dispatchers, drivers and equipment enables the team to plan optimal routes, easily track hours of service for each driver and if required take correction action to improve productivity.

For all of us, a strong commitment to continuous improvement in health and safety is a core value of Liquids in Motion.

Industry Safety Certification and Compliance


 Liquids in Motion Ltd. is a ISNetworld Member Contractor.     Liquids in Motion Ltd. is COR Workplace Safety Certified.      Pics and Avetta logo's.