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Liquids in Motion USA

In March 2016 Liquids in Motion (LIM) USA set up operation in Texas, allowing us to meet the growing demand in the Texas area.  Our dedicated administrative team oversees the management, operations and dispatch logistics of the facility located in Houston.

All employees are Texas residents, providing local and regional transportation services.  LIM USA is licensed to haul most any bulk hazardous or non-hazardous liquids throughout the lower 48 USA states and into Canada.  Our highly trained professional drivers are Hazmat certified and possess TWIC cards.  They also meet all DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations and have electronic logs.

We take pride in our fleet of equipment, which has quickly grown to meet the unique needs of our customers.  Our trucks are equipped with GPS satellite tracking devices as well as pumps and compressors to meet all specific loading and off-loading product requirements.  Our trailer fleet consists of stainless steel, fiberglass, aluminum and lined tankers.  All stainless steel trailers have in-transit heating capabilities.  Our trailer fleet is comprised of the following:

·         407SS Insulated Trailer - single compartment capable of hauling 44,000-45,000 lbs of product

·         407SS Non-insulated Trailers - single compartment  capable of hauling 45,000 lbs of product

·         407SS Insulated Trailer - double compartment capable of hauling 44,000 lbs of product

·         406AL Trailer - single compartment capable of hauling 46,000-47,000 lbs of product

·               TC 412 FRP 


Liquids in Motion Ltd. transporting parked truck in front of an office.     Five bulk liquid transporting trucks positioned in a line.     Liquids in Motion Ltd. USA office.